Quad Edge Trimmer

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Quad Edge Trimmer

Quad Trimmer with carbon steel blades for trimming edgebanding and t-molding. With a comfortable and ergonomic design, it trims both sides of the trim in 1 pass, or pull it apart and use half the trimmer to trim just 1 side.

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A Nice Tool to Have... 08/19/2018
By Larry
Nice tool to have, although can be rather bulky for smaller projects. After watching a few you-tube videos, and practicing with the tool, I have to agree that it is easiest to trim the T-Molding in a straight line. In other words, for areas that span across a tight curve, it may be easiest to reposition that section to a straight area, trim the molding, then reinstall onto the curved area. With some practice, this tool is easy to use, and produces a nice finished edge. The T-Molding is easy to work with, and a Dremel type tool, or knife could be used, but, at least for me, this tool is much quicker and easier to use for most areas, and gives nice results, well worth the investment.
average rating 100%
Made quick work of trimming overhang 11/24/2018
By Arthur Poore
Most of my T-Molding install didn't need to have overhang trimmed. The section that did though really needed this tool. I was very glad I purchased this with the molding. It made very quick and perfect work of trimming the overhang.
average rating 80%
Nice tool 08/10/2021
By Larry W
The tool does an excellent job on straight surfaces at making a nice finish. As others have mentioned though for building an arcade cabinet it definitely leaves something to be desired for the curves.
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