Whiteside Slotting Cutter 1/16" 3-Wing

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SKU 3WNG-6700A-116
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Whiteside Slotting Cutter 1/16" 3-Wing

Slot cutting router bit for use with T-Molding that has a 3/32" wide spine (including the barbs).

Requires a slot cutting arbor, such as the A200B or equivalent.

Kerf: 1/16" (Slot Width)
Manufacturer: Whiteside
Manufacturer #: 6700A

Whiteside Slotting Cutter 1/16" 3-Wing Reviews

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Great Product, Great Customer Service 08/27/2020
By Mike Lyon
I finally got around to my first arcade build and have never owned a router. Of course I need that to install the T-Moulding. I placed my order on a Friday and received my arbor and bit the following Wednesday. The pieces work great with my router and the T-Moulding looks awesome.

Since it was my first build, I had a lot of questions. The T-Molding staff responded quickly to my inquiries and were very helpful. I highly recommend their products and again thanks to their staff for all the help. Now, can you help me get my 10 year old of my arcade machine? :-)
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Don’t cheap out 01/28/2023
By Curtis Hart
$30 seems a lot for an arbor and slot blade, and I tried the Amazon.com route, but don’t let anything fool you, I went through 3 different “1/16” blades elsewhere for less and always the same problem, while the blade is technically 1/16”, the tips where they cut are wider, causing the t-mold to fit too loose and have to glue it down.
The tools T-Molding offers are specifically designed for t-mold products and work perfectly. Don’t make the mistake I made and spent more overall on bad tools, just get these and you won’t be disappointed.
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Slim Margin! 02/10/2017
By David Youngdahl
I am very pleased with this slot cutter. 1/16th of an inch is a very narrow slot. No other way to do the job. Very pleased with the final product, too.

I practiced on a few things around the shop which might not otherwise have gotten an edge... I might prefer, next time, to have the router mounted under a table, rather than free-hand... but... once the dept was set we got good results. Thank You T-Molding.com for recommending this tool.

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