LED T-Molding Housing (0.80in, 20mm)

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Slot Width 3/32"
Starting Price $4.00 per foot
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LED T-Molding Housing (0.80in, 20mm)

This LED T-Molding Housing is a translucent t-molding with a hollow core, allowing it to be illuminated by inserting LED strips or EL (Electroluminescent) tape into it. It is priced per foot, and sells as a single piece up to 250ft long. LED strips sold separately


- Width is 0.80" wide (20mm) +/- 0.01in (0.25mm)
- Hollow core is 0.55" wide and 0.09" high on the ends, 0.135" high in the middle.
- Fits standard non-waterproof 3/8" wide LED strips. Do *not* use waterproof strips, they are too thick to fit.
- Spine is 1/8" wide for use with a 3/32" wide slot
- Same product as Raw Thrills / Betson part #603-00718, as used on Jurassic Park and Aliens Armageddon
- Minimum radius of 3" to keep the core hollow (Much smaller and it will start to collapse and you would not be able to fit the LED strips through)
- RGB LED strips sold separately
- TIP: Install t-molding before inserting the LED strip so you do not bang on the LEDs with a rubber mallet.
- TIP: We have an LED Housing Pull String that makes it easy to insert LED strips.

NOTE: When manufactured this molding is coiled backwards o it must be recoiled for a period of time to reverse the curve for easier installation. You may need to coil it in the other direction or lay it flat until you install it. That will help reverse the curve from manufacturing.


Back To The Future Virtual Pinball photos courtesy of VPCabs at virtualpinball.com!

LED T-Molding Housing (0.80in, 20mm) Reviews

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Looks great with the right LEDs and some effort 02/20/2024
By Brian Carty
I replaced the t-molding on my Foo Fighters Pro pinball machine with this. Despite not being recommended for hard corners like on pinball back boxes, you can make it work with some effort.

5050 LEDs did not look good - there's too much space between the lights and not enough diffusion. I found a very high density CoB LED strip that looks outstanding, though. With the hard corners, I had to install the lights in the molding before adding the molding to the back box, and I was worried that the pounding from the mallet or the pressure from the compressed molding on the corners would damage the lights. Everything worked out for me, though.
average rating 80%
Translucent T-Molding 06/07/2016
By Paul Busta
My order was shipped very fast with no problems. The product is as described. I like it but I wish the frosted look was more pronounced so there was less hot spotting of the leds. I also wish that the barbs that hold it in the channel were of normal T-Molding thickness, with some pounding I got it in a normal width channel but in doing so I shorted one 3 led segment on 2 led strips. I like this molding and will probably buy more and I hope the company can find a source for EL Paper because that would work and look better then led strips.
average rating 100%
Good for modding 10/29/2019
By Timothy Stephens
This Tmolding is good for modding your game with LEDs. It does not work well on tight corners. Really needs to be a gradual curve. The spline that holds the molding to the cabinet is thicker than the normal groove width. In some cases this can cause the wood to slip and the molding is hammered in. In some cases heating the molding with a heat gun can make is more mailable because it’s not very flexible like your standard tmolding.

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