1.25" White T-Molding

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Slot Width 0.080"
Starting Price $0.55 per foot
Quantity   5 - 249     250 - 999     1000+  
Price $0.55 $0.45 $0.39
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1.25" White T-Molding

This 1-1/4" White t-molding is priced per foot, and will ship as one continuous piece of molding up to 250ft long.

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Lance Camper Trim Replacement 06/01/2022
By Ben From Then
In older Lance campers, there is T-molding on a short dividing wall between the fridge and the couch. It is 1 1/4 inches wide, but with a lip on each side. And... it's impossible to find. This was the closest that I could dig up after much help from Dr. Google. Unfortunately, this molding doesn't have the lip on each side and the T is thinner than the original. But I was able to get it to stay in the slot by putting in a ton of liquid nails and then pressing the molding in, one small section at a time, from top to bottom, while taping it down with generous amounts of painter's tape. It seems to be staying put and looks so much better than the cracked original. I can't imagine any glue sticking to both this and wood, but by filling the crack, the glue flows around the barbs on the T and it holds by simple "barb" mechanics. I would love to see them producs a 1 1/4 T molding with a lip, but my guess is there is not enough demand.
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1.25" White T-Molding 06/04/2019
By Robert Kurtz
The battery compartment on my boat filled up with water after a rain shower. The water would run along a channel for the lid of the compartment until it leaked down an opening for a battery wire. With the 1.25" White T-Molding placed in the channel, the water runs off without going into the battery compartment. I do have to cut some of the molding off to get a tight fit; however, the cutting is easy. While the molding came in a loop, a couple of days in the sun straightened out the molding to sit flat on the compartment. Now, I do not have to siphon the water out of the battery compartment every time I come on board.
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Great service 12/14/2018
By Chris Castner
Made a small order after receiving samples of product. After placing order online , realized I had put down wrong size for the trim I needed. Wrote an email and received a reply very next business day. Rep from t- molding assured me that they would change the order to correct size and shipping would not be delayed at all. Order arrived a few days later and was correct size.
Thanks for great service!

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