0.58" Orange-White Striped T-Molding (Nichibutsu)

Slot Width 1/16"
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0.58" Orange-White Striped T-Molding (Nichibutsu)

**Limited Time Only: We will not make this again after it sells out!** (See below for details)

Custom made to replace Nichibutsu (Nihon Bussan) style striped t-molding with 2 white stripes on an orange t-molding. This t-molding is priced per foot and will ship as one continuous piece of molding up to 250ft long.

For use on multiple games, such as:
Crazy Climber Deluxe, Dangar UFO Robo, Frisky Tom, Galivan, Magmax, Moon Alien, Moon Cresta, Moon Shuttle, Rugrats, Seicross, Terra Cresta

Limited Time Only: Due to the limited number of Nichibutsu cabinets left in the world, and the fact that we need to make 10,000ft of this at a time - we will *not* be making this again when it is sold out.

0.58" Orange-White Striped T-Molding (Nichibutsu) Reviews

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